that we are

The Bind that Frees.

The 'i' offers itself up in a defined wave of specificity and uniqueness, to then reimmerse into a wordless sea in which all that was said is silently known. Where all simply is. The silent knowing of which all of language and life is in service; creation’s sole purpose being its revelation- to both reveal and revel in it.

If you would now, wherever the wave of your existence might be expressing its distinction at this moment, consider slightly turning upwards the corners of your lips, allowing the eyes to soften, the heart to sssssh, and the mind to melt for this moment so you might resemble the sea and find yourself reflected.

Here, there is nothing for you to believe.

Nothing here to ponder.

Take it in with your heart. Let it softly consider itself then let it go along with everything else you can think of. If just for this moment. 

For truth, truly cannot be thought. Only directly experienced.

It is beckoning now that we waves surrender our distinction of mind and thought and immerse ourselves back into our own waters.