S H A L O M   Y O G A   

( Alice Frank helped us to create meaningful experiences that we have been trying to do for several years. - Rabbi Marc Israel, Temple Beth Hillel-Beth El )

S H A L O M   Y O G A   


Yoga in the context of Mystical Jewish teaching is a full perspective of Torah from the heart level. There exists a layer of teachings that center around the embodiment of Unconditional Love, the manifestation of G-d on, in, and via the planet. Some call these teachings, Kabbalah. Yoga is a practical catalyst for the embodiment of these essential teachings.
The basis of Shal(om) yoga is Shabbat- The Jewish Sabbath.

Shabbat is the 

total surrender into the flow of What Is, 

by completely letting go of the intention to fix things, to change everything, to figure it all out, to figure anything out. Therefore letting go of the mind, letting go of the constant calculation of good, bad, right or wrong, safe and unsafe, appropriate and inappropriate, and just entering into the ultimate simplicity of being; The ultimate reality of being Love, being loved for simply being. Being worthy by simply being. Being That Which We Truly Are. I am therefore I am. “I am that I am” is the name G-d gave Itself in Torah. 
Being the embodiment of G-d- That which god called Itself- I am that I am- embodying the complete surrender that that is. “Que sera sera, whatever will be will be”- complete surrender. And in that surrender we find that we are lived through by Life-force moment to moment. We come into our fullest integration and relationship with Life, with God, with Truth, and gracefully change that which needs to be changed

without exertion and with due effort.
without judgment but with precise discrimination,
without manipulation or calculation but with discernment,
and without fear and with so much love. Without fear of even fear, and with Love for even fear- and Love for everything that comes through in Divine recognition that it is all the Divine.

This is Shal(om) yoga.