As we all certainly know or don't know we know, the foundation of 'Judaism' is a prayer called the Shema, which affirms oneness of the essence of all things (aka. G-d).

That is already cool. It gets way cooler.

It’s all, “Hear Yo Humans! All the things is G-d. All the things are One.*” [Which, by the way, is what it means that “G-d is One.” G-d is all the things, and G-d is one. Thus, all things are one. "G-d is one" does not have anything to do with "Ours’ is the only G-d and is better than yours." It actually means “those 2 separate gods we think we have, they too are one." Amazing.]

Now, what this “Hear O Israel” is, is a big shout out to “Israel,” to the tribe, to the humans.

I propose, it is a huge game of call and response that we’ve been botching for quite some time now. We have not quite caught on to the game.

It’s like we’re all splashing around in the pool, the universe shouts out “Marco!” and we’re all, “Marcoooooo!”

Oozing at its seams, as it is, with love, light and generous compassion, we are being obliged by the universe, at this point.

Because, all that is wanted, all that we call "Moshiach" and claim to be fervently awaiting, is inside of our own response to this call.

The “Polo” we and the Universe is all waiting for, is not a repetition of the Shema (“Marcooo!) but a reversal of it. A mirror. The “Alekum Salaam” to the “Salaam Alekum.”

It says:

“Hear, O Humanity! All things is G-d! All things are One!”

We say:

“Hear, O G-d! All things is G-d (You!)! Humanity is One!”

And there it is. Moshiach. A healing to every wound. A seamlessness again in our nature, every fragment lifted into the garden that this is- bound again to the tree that is Life.

We have been indulged, treading in the kiddy pool. Flailing and failing sometimes amidst bloody belly flops and aloof life guards who are working their tans and forgetting to save lives. But like any good parent, it has been slowly walking us into the Depth. Here we are. Arms stronger than before. Even our resistance has built those muscles. It takes only a letting go. Let the water in the eyes clear the tears. Let the tears bring the clarity of what is before you, what has been holding you all along.


Hear, G-d. Everything is you. We are One.



A m e n . 




*There may be those who choose to dispute this translation. Simply promise them, and have them call me.