Pregnant With Conciousness.

Lemme just say

that considering what has been glimpsed by many, lived within by a few, a consciousness that is as different from mundane consciousness as a hair's width from an avenue block. As different as reading a map is from arriving there. Considering that to be what this planet is pregnant with, it being usually an unwitting mother, no idea of what her womb contains- just like Mary, though she probably had some hunch- just like, well, the unfortunately uneducated teen who doesn’t know she’s pregnant at all, or even what that might mean.

That’s the planet for now-

Going about her life, going to school and getting crushes and blowing boys in the backseat and everything is feeling like a very big deal like when her mother dies, and big buildings blow up and the government did it, and some say that they didn’t but then who is the government, and it’s all very important and the t.v.s are bright and bigger than atlantis, and it’s all very important – but underneath it ALL… we’re pregnant. Pregnant with Jesus.* Creation is Mary and that is YOU. You are creation. That tree, that bug, that glow of that neon gas station sign is creation. It is pregnant with supreme present consciousness that is your potential. That is what we are. That is what we can see as. That is what we must be.

And considering even the possibility of its birth THROUGH YOU, in every moment- its life, its living as us on this planet, something as different from what we see and think this planet is now as a hair is to and avenue block, and reading a map is to arriving, it can’t all be destroyed NOW, it just can’t. It can’t get stuck in this era of green and gas and government. That is 5 sweaters from what we are- we, the naked body. Stripping the layers so birth can be.

It’s hot in here.

And consciousness
Does not cry
On entry.




*Ya know, YOU! "Christ-Consciousness." (Yours!)