A Candle and a Feather.

-Tonight, there is the practice of the Candle. The Feather. We open our inner-most cupboards and take  i n - v e n t o r y  -

Beneath consciousness we hold on before acting, speaking, expressing our Beings- analyzing how it might be taken in, what might people think, what has happened in the past? Has someone said something bad or against what you may do, before? Have you messed up doing it the past? Yikes. All of these factors- most of them having very little to do with this very moment and what is wanted in this particular situation, room, company, nowness. We hold on, not trusting the contents of our own inner-cupboards, pantries, rooms. Our own inventory in the dark places. Who knows what might be in there? How am I to let in guests? How am I to feed of the contents of this being freely, lovingly, with abandon, without self-consciousness, reticence, apology- false humility?

And so we take inventory. Without fear (or including it) we boldly face what is in the corner cupboards. We see it and the space it is taking up. We  i l l u m i n a t e  it with the flame that the soul is. (“The human soul is G-d’s candle").

And how do we treat it? With the feather. The gentlest touches. No Brillo here, no bleach. Illumination and a softness beyond kindness. A  g e n t l e n e s s  that bends to anything. A melting. A give. A complete letting go. The extent to which we can surrender this being and let through all the action, love, words, silence that wants through us to express the presence of Truth, of Shechinah, G-d… is beyond fathomability.

It is what we are called upon here to do. See everything so we can release, let go, and let the work of the Feather, through.


"I release and I let go, let the spirit run my life. And my heart is open open wide,

'cause I’m only here for G-d.


No more struggles, no more strife, through my faith I see the light, and I’m free with the spirit,

'cause I’m only here for Love."


Passover Haggadah, 2015: http://bit.ly/1hzyXpe