intro to "Compulsive Coupleship"

The natural flow for each of us is to walk down the streets allowing that which we are, 

a Flow of unconditional love, to pour forth to be received as acknowledgement "hello" 

of each and every being. This is natural.

Our conditioning within the paradigm of coupleship creates an unnatural hoarding

causing us to hold onto that which we are, this wellspring of love, eye each person and think - "Am i attracted or not attracted, do I look attractive right now, would that be rejected or received, would it be safe or unsafe, appropriate, not appropriate, what would my girlfriend say if she saw me smile at someone?"

stagnating the flow of energy creating Depression (Happiness is love exiting the body) creating a massive epidemic of 


Loneliness in our time.


The least efficient and sustainably distributed resource in our time is Self- our selves, the unconditional love that we are.

A resource that is entirely infinite.

That is why the paradigm of coupleship is failing.

That is why it will not allow itself to be sustained.

Unconditional love is here to be maximized.

We were built for its purposes, not it for ours'.

It is what bodies are for.