What To Say on a First Date .

Yet another veil has fallen from before my eyes. And I can see that which side of the table I am sitting is arbitrary, which body I happen to be sitting in, which set of eyes I am peering through, or whether I am embodied at all. I see the body across from what is called ‘me,’ that we’ve called ‘you.’ The mouth on it is speaking and so I am, though the mouth on my side is closed. That mouth is moving and so G-d is speaking— the organism of All. I am the ‘me,’ I am the wall behind you, I am the tray carried by the server, and the server, herself. I am you and all that comes through all of it. And, oh, the ceiling fan.

This is deliciously literal. It is not an idea. It is simply as it is. And this body is a fine place to find me for now. And you know me already, as well as you know your self. Precisely.

So forgive if there are no answers present to the questions being asked. I’d rather stew in the juice of our knowing Truth and feel All That We Are - simple, present Being called ‘G-d’ pulse through. Can you imagine if we didn’t know all this already? Or if anything we can’t know Right Here could possibly have anything to do with anything at all? It’s funny really. ‘I’ finds it so. ‘You,’ ‘G-d,’ and ‘me.’ Pretending we are three.

WARNING: You may never go on a second date. Let alone be married. But most certainly, your word will reveal the inevitable truth- that you are married to all, already. What else could you possibly need?