Our Contract. To Expand.

Each of us (‘you,’ ‘I,’) is an exquisite, shining being, unto self, worthy of the love that is available to us, constantly, simply, merely for the fact of our being.

Because we are that cool, it is natural that together we would like to play.

 And because the world is as extraordinary as it is, we would like to lend our play to the support of its inherent truths (Oneness) - in the forms of architecture, money, art, ideas, and energy - awakening.

 And because the universe is as brilliant as it is, the imagination running rampant that fuels and directs the Stuff of this universe in the order of its conspiracy- to unfold its manifestation with grace and infinite imagination, has made it so that we must come together in inevitable creative collaboration on its behalf. This coming together is called SUTIWABY– Landboratory of a Whereness.

 It is our will that we embody its becoming, weaving with our actions a tapestry of that which is imprinted on the core of our beings. We aim to make known the unknown, to bring to the surface the deep, to eradicate ignorance by overwhelming all with the All- illuminating that which is dark, hearing that which hates, and BEING that which loves- unconditionally and without attachment;

Borrowing the unquantifiable strength from the power that knows not force, and before which all that exerts itself, inescapably collapses inward.

SUTIWABY and the projects that flow from there, are our sandbox in which we get to play. It is both dispensable and essential. Dispensable in that it is in fact already laid in this moment.  The world is pregnant with pure present consciousness we are here to birth, bare, to embody and Be.

This  is a sandbox the castle in which, will be thrilling to build and wants to replicate the foundation of creation. () At the same time we gratefully acknowledge that it is the truth of What Is, already and Now. Life is play and we will do so in whatever forum, in whatever form. This form is a powerful preference without demand. It is bonus.

It is Essential in this context of a time in which the temperature is so hot that people are doubting the possibility of their own survival. It is an alchemical sandbox, the play in which is the application of that heat to the transformation of all that is not yet aligned with its own inner essence. It is essential in its intention to make it so.

The energy that is we –