Love-spilling Eyes.

I choose the default meeting of our eyes to be so deep that it is the Self that I am seeing. The Unified We. The one and the Only. In seeing that in each other instantly, we arouse again, for the first time even, the knowing of our own divinity. And so Be that in the world so much more easefully.

That is what I'd like it to be with you and me. 

In the current moment of our collective energy, we've been downloaded a lot about a compulsive coupling tendency. To race into this world looking for that one to be everything. Who without, you will be left lonely. Desperately.

So we're desperately searching out the eyes, Are you for me?

So it confuses that simplicity of reminding divinity. 

Rather than calling G-d forth, we are unwittingly 'flirting'- which means giving attention to. An act that one who seeks to change the world, let's say, might devote oneself to do. Making each one on the planet know he is worth it. You are seen, you are known. You are human, too!

So simply bow down to the depths of each soul, to stir it to surface, the darkness to light. 

Without only thinking if we want to fuck them tonight. And,

Without them only thinking we want to fuck them tonight.

Because let's face it, if that is what it means to look a being in the face, then you would divert your eyes mostly, while you mediate your taste. And then when you finally find one your mind thinks is tasty, it's usually the one you walk by really hastily, god forbid they actually know you feel this way.

So all in all, our couple compulsion does not work. And reserving eye contact for 'flirting' is worse.                                                                      

It is killing us off by our own hands, by suicide, the depths of a lonely our nature to love can't abide by.

So let's free the eye contact! Give it to Truth. The one that says you are me and i am you. 

And with confidence that comes from a tethering to Oneness, Look fiercely in eyes and 

save each other with