We are offered ways of Living and Loving like items on a menu- A or B? 

Your  H E A R T  is a blueprint, a map, that is completely unique to you.

If you follow it closely it stands to reason that what you 'build'- your life's context, your relationships, your expression in the world- will also be completely your own. What your authentic desires, longings, impulses, and callings are prompting you do, may look distinct from others.' 

Consider that all external ideas of what you should want- 'A, B, or C,' what will bring you fulfillment- This or That?- are just those... ideas. They may or may not suit your pallet at all. The world's options for your heart may have very little to do with you. They are gross approximations of what those who came before us were conditioned to strive for whether or not it made them happy.

Now is the time to get into the kitchen to cook up what is your most personally delectable meal, following G-d's face with the inside of your taste buds.

What you have in you to share is beyond description. What you ARE defies description and wants to pour through without inhibition or resistance.

As with any 'Burnt Offering'* cooked to be a 'pleasing odor unto the Universe,' It says 'you are not to look if it is this or that, perfect or not, blemished or not blemished- it is the one that is wanted' and so you are to Offer it up wholly. So it is with the soul, our own selves, in every moment. Out the way! What is then released upon the world is something beyond A and B- worlds beyond. We are the Irrational. We are the Unknown becoming Known via embodiment at every turn.

Let it out!

Loves, call on me if you wish fellowship in following the internal callings of your particular heart's appetite.

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Name (optional)



Potential Explorations include (Ask Anything!) -

• Anything.

• Expanding into Joy

• Playing toward Living Love

• Allowing you to be free from a desperate feeling of Need, both in seeking partnership and/or within already developing modes of relating. 

• Helping partners transition into 'Open Relationship' of your own design.

• Helping to cultivate tried and true Ground Rules, providing shape for your navigation.

• Seeing how to give your connections, Roots- so you can Fly. 

• The difference between Coupleship and Partnership.

• Your Highest Purpose and Potential. What are you DOing here?

• What is 'partnership's' role in what you are doing here!?


You are already perfect. The blueprint of your relationship with this world, is on your  H E A R T.

Draw the Line. Your Brave Authenticity is hand, the Crayon, and the

H O M E . 


To  L O V E !

Love, the HeartPrintcess.





*an idea from Biblical text