Ju/Wishing Well: auditory and visual mind-medicine from a modern mystic. inspirational whisperings from the mind whisperer.

Torah from the perspective of Oneness consciousness = Heart Torah 

Incorporating an amalgam of her unexpected passion for Torah, a lexicon of teachings from her Rebbes- The Sefat Emet, the Ruzhiner, Manachum Nachum, and two decades of her own unsolicited deep diving spiritual encounters, alice weaves a tapestry of teachings to help illumine the path and the heart.  

The teachings specifically explore our relationship with our own mind. ( a relationship she believes to be primary in this moment of evolution, that we may experience Thee Primary Relationship to the One and Only, that lives just behind ego's thin bridal veil. That bridal veil is made o n l y to remove, and

K i s s the sweetness 

That you are.


(Sample Teaching) - You cannot drive out mind with mind. Only love can do that. * Rosh Hashannah means 'Head of the New Year.' It also means 'Change of the Head.' Renewal of mind. Notice it. Let it be. Add H o n e y .