HA! G-D! AH! Embodying the Freedom we are. (a Passover Haggadah)

Ha! G-d! Ah! Embodying the Freedom we are.

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Ha! G-d! Ah! Embodying the Freedom we are  (a Passover Haggadah) 

is a guide for the moment to moment process of exiting the mind and coming into pure presence.

By becoming deeply acquainted with the nature of the mind, we nurture awareness that births us out of its rule and into the heart- a place of unity, expansion, and clear seeing.

This is a constant journey. It so happens that this journey can be supremely illuminated through the use of the Passover story. Its macro-story, applied to the micro of our personal subtle-bodies, becomes deeply literal, powerfully practical, and immediately transformational.

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Though used in a few households over some years now, Ha! G-d! Ah! is integrating into its highest form and will be in your hands by  P a s s o v e r  of 2015.

All items are subject to change, i.e. cover artwork, etc.

Thank you for inviting it into you, Now.

What we know of life comes through this narrow, tiny “I.”

It is said that we operate at five percent of our potential. That small percentage is the “I.” Science maintains we experience only one billionth of reality and this is squeezed through that “I.”

The Hebrew word for Egypt literally means “the narrow place-” That narrow little “I.” (It has absolutely nothing to do with a geographical reference point or certain people. It is all to be internalized. When the outer becomes inner, there is peace) Mitzrayim is living through the ego’s rule – Pharoah - tiny “I’s” restriction of, “That is you, this is me; this is good, that is bad; this is benefit, that is harm.”

This is how we block the gate to the state that no one has ever been able to describe- the Tao, the Hidden Harmony, the Kingdom of God.

There is a constantly available choice of exodus from the dual mind by becoming aware of it. “Go to Pharoah.” Go to the ego, look it in the eye. Go to consciousness in it, and you will be released. Into the heart, pure presence, the possibility of Mt. Sinai right where you are standing. Surrender into the ‘I am’ that we are.

“This indescribable state is here now, equally in everyone. It is the source. The more you try to search for it, the further you go away from it. Do not go seeking it; do not go demanding it.

Simply allow yourself to be available to what is happening right now and it will find you.

by That We Are, with excerpts from Paul Lowe, Rumi, Hafiz, and more.