( Poet and Primary-Translator of Hafiz )

( Poet and Primary-Translator of Hafiz )


Eckhart Tolle calls these poems his "favorite he ever heard." 

Gateways into total stillness. 

Harvested from the depths of silence as the breadcrumbs back into that silence. Clues distilled from the sugary lines licked from eternity's palm.

Please take these into your being. Silence is already there. Go to it. 


{ Such a personal moment, sharing this right now. Written from such a dissolved space that I truly felt committed to its being 'authorless,' the 'author,' the zero-point center of us All; the wormhole that spills over into all things that connects us infinitely. We Are That. It is this Union that wrote this, for it had my hand. Today, I am giving my little self over as editor, as intern, to my dissolved self in my 20's. She who K n e w and kept knowing. Into Nothing. She with no name. Today I work for that with no gender, no agenda. I distribute this book for ∞ Y o u . For the silent surrender into that which we are. • }