I do not care about the earth.

Intellectually I do, I’m not that brand of fool,

but viscerally- feet, marching the street,

using my best outdoor voice, shouting

' Water is life-' inside I felt fine, I’d shown up there by choice.

Inner waters untapped, soil there not invaded.

But something has snapped, my emotions persuaded.


Because I care about people.


The earth of our bodies. And when they are touched

Rubber bullets, batons, macing the eyes at peaceful rallies,

The beings who Hold S p a c e , Oh, the ones who are wise.

Can’t look truth in the face, so we wear a disguise.


People standing in peaceful protest/protection.

Something so different happens inside my chest/inception...

I collapse in my bed for part of a morning.

But mourning does not last-


sends me to my feet, roaring,

“You will not repeat the past!”

This is happening N o w .

You are on my watch.

There is still H E A R T in the White House,

so all is not lost.



Diminish the cost.

Stop this now.

Cut as close to the root as you can, because you know

in a minute it’s out of your hands.

Seize the Golden Truth of this moment.

And Let Us Say...


“He stopped this war, almost


It began.”


...A m e n . •


( To know more, Unify's video :, Kendrick Eagle's message to Obama. )


ON PRECEDENT: P o e t r y often comes when ‘ We,’ the United States of America,

Are responding to v i o l e n c e in ways that elicit the cry “Not in my name!”

I did not yet have a poem for when the ‘ We ’ is responding to p e a c e, so violently.

In other words,

No words •

For the Current State of

Standing Rock,

But these .


#LakotaPeepLine #StandingRock #EachOtherProtectors #TheWholeWorldIsWatching •

We are here in protection of one another. I love you.