Gratitude Is...

Gratitude is love entering the body in whatever form and, if not clung to, exiting the body- as gratitude.

Pain comes through the body and if not clung to, held onto, identified with, it passes through the body and comes out as forgiveness. 
Success held becomes fear. Allowed, it becomes humility. Humility is love. 
Forgiveness, gratitude, success and fear — words of human accounting. Their only existence is in the most physical world. 
And pain is obstructed love. Pain is the flow that comes out of the obstruction of
F l o w . The obstruction itself, the pain, held onto, is the obstruction of love — again. A pain spiral. If allowed through, however, if allowed to flow, pain emerges as forgiveness and is transmuted into love. It is love. It is all one huge flow of love. Constantly being asked to just be allowed to come through. To not be held in the quality it was received, congealed as whatever quality it was received, just to be allowed. Let it through. And in doing so, constantly open to receive whatever is Next,
N o w, 
and in doing so constantly let go the non-essential, maximize receptivity and output of the Flow, the A l l - the Essence That You Are .



- ∞