Speak Your Passion  •  Speak Your Power.

Alice has catalyzed for me new universes of power and possibility. I wouldn't have believed how much I'm capable of! Time with Alice is the most exquisite, far-reaching, nurturing- to my literal voice, of what I have to say in the world, of the physical and emotional and intellectual and spiritual self. She is one of the great teachers of my life and I am endlessly grateful for the gift of working with her. – Vivian Lehrer Stadlin, Artist.

Alice Frank has coached politicians, fortune 500 executives, CEOs and their corporate teams in the US and around the world. Her work has spanned 5 continents. (She totally wore a suit.) She also got to train T. Harv Eker’s trainers in the areas of Power and Vulnerability.

Alice will help you eradicate fear of speaking, whether it be in front of large audiences or your best friend. Your work with Alice will impact your most public and your most intimate existence.

Eradicate. Fear. Find your voice.

Or, come have Alice speak to your organization.

Relationship Reflection and Optimization

Opening to Openness in Relating. ( or not! )

 It's hard to put into words quite how magical Alice Frank is. Her presence in every moment melts the soul. When I was having trouble communicating with a partner of mine, Alice helped us uncover what was hidden deeply in our hearts. I'm forever grateful to her for the truth we found. - Erin Richards, beauteous actor on Gotham.

Alice has been creating ground rules for open relationships as a way to optimize honesty, clarity, and L O V E in partnership, for almost 20 years. Long before it was trending, Alice witnessed it as an expansion in love's current paradigm. One with benefits for society as a whole. The Eradication of Isolation.

Your passions and desires are as unique as your thumbprint. Live your Heartprint! Enlist the HeartPrintCess to be at your service to help you drop into your heartprint. Let it become the blueprint you use to build every moment of your reality.

Alice will be the constant reminder, not only to choose love over fear, but the reminder how.




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Spark it and help make a fire that illuminates the world. Thank you for being on the team- and showing up to it with a big YES!